Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions

Join Judy and start your Monday morning with a clear mind, sharp focus and an open heart for your week ahead <3

When 7.20–8.10am 4 x Mondays 25 June, 2, 9 & 16 July

Where: The Laboratory Spa & Health Club, Muswell Hill N10 2QE – you DO NOT have to be a member (plenty of parking)

Cost by donationSuggested donation £10 or more…per session

All money raised will go to The Heart Failure Nursing Team at Barnet General Hospital

Donation to Heart Failure Nursing Team, Barnet General

 Whether you are a beginner or a committed meditator, most people find less distraction and more focus working in a group.
There will be some discussion about  meditation, mindfulness and the present moment, and how they can allow us to let go of stress and anxiety.
Take home simple and effective practices to support your daily life, and connect with others in your area.
Demystifying mindfulness and meditation practices and moving towards self-understanding, discovery and on-going life changes.
Explore mindfulness and meditation through direct experience and sharing what you noticed with a supportive group of like-minded people.

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Mindfulness is acknowledging one’s now thoughts, sensations and feelings in the present moment. When you’re with what’s happening now, you are not going over what’s happened in the past or worrying about the future.

Meditation is…brings you into a deeper state of awareness which literally changes the brain and opens up new insights, and ways of seeing the world. Meditation is the best medication – awareness, acceptance, compassion and truth are encouraged within a group setting!

Any questions or concerns, email Judy or simply show up on the day.