Mentoring support for Yoga Business owners, teachers & therapists

Support for Yoga Business owners, teachers & therapists with Judy Hirsh Sampath

Business/Life Mentoring with Judy Hirsh Sampath, founder of Yoga United Ltd, Yoga United Holidays, Yoga United Education, Yoga Headspace.

The mentor service is over 6 months and comprises 90min mentoring sessions per month – I will take notes to email you – for self-reflection, action and/or accountability, however we agree to work together.

You will also have access to whatsapp – up to 4 x per month when you need a quick answer, or you would like to record a thought, insight or challenge as it arises – to bring to the next zoom session.

The mentor service is a commitment for 6 months – if you require support either during a burst of growth or a desire to conserve energy, whether looking for support and supervision with your clients and students, or looking to meet new goals  – manifest the vision, plan and talk through challenges, create course/retreat plans, move from teacher to educator, promotions and marketing.

If you wish to talk more, set up a call with and let’s get started.