CPD – Moving from Correction to Freedom

Guided practices and discussion on how to embody the journey of yoga – to move from contraction to expansion, criticism to celebration, lacking to abundance…

For yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists and facilitators.

Yoga can often be intimidating – if we leave feeling that we are not good enough, flexible enough, strong enough, perfect enough, where is the spirit of yoga?

How are we doing as teachers?

Learn ways to shift from what’s wrong with us, what needs fixing and correcting to giving ourselves permission to use the yoga mat as somewhere we can play, be free and creative, a playground instead of a correction centre.
After all, we know our bodies better than anyone – let’s learn to celebrate our individual body’s uniqueness and aliveness to find greater acceptance, well being and freedom.

Includes some discussion and languaging for teachers.

Asana, Embodied Mindfulness, Enquiry, Exploration, Meditation, Discussion