CPD – Introduction to Yoga Therapy

With Judy Hirsh Sampath

Aims of the Day

Explanation of difference between yoga teaching and yoga therapy

Offer definitions – yoga therapy

Three key principles

Guide direct experiences from tracking sensation to receiving insight

Explore the koshas in relation to embodied experience compass

Create a sankalpa through the day’s embodied practices

Guided a yoga nidra practice


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

Understand the difference between yoga teaching and yoga therapy

Practice embodied mindfulness to access the body’s wisdom

Learn how to BE more and THINK less

Use the koshas as a compass during embodied experience

Discuss what blocks deeper wisdom and how to access it

Experience yoga nidra with sankalpa based on the days learning

Timetable of the day

10am introduction

Yoga teacher and yoga therapist

Guided embodied experience

Embodied mindfulness – group discussion

Integration to sankalpa

1-2pm lunch break

The Koshas in yoga therapy

Discussion, Q&A

Yoga Nidra

4pm End


Teaching Resources

Handouts, online learning platform

Pre Work for the day

You may wish to prepare by meditating and self-reflecting on one or all of the following questions

What is my intention for joining this day?

What happens when I use my body as a vehicle for self-enquiry?

How has yoga changed my life?


Aids for sitting and soft props for yoga nidra including blanket, bolsters/cushions, eye pillow

Level the Course is aimed at

Experienced Practitioner, Yoga teachers & those thinking about yoga therapy training

Tutor Bio

During an intensely emotional period in her life, Judy came to a profound insight through yoga therapy – What would happen if I focused on what is right with me instead of trying to fix what is wrong with me? My body loves me and all I need to do is love it back. The truth was simple and Judy has been exploring ways into the body’s wisdom ever since and how to receive messages and take action.

As a yoga therapist and educator, she engages health seekers, truth seekers and wisdom holders in becoming experts in themselves – to find their own answers, to make wise choices, to stress less and feel good inside.

She leads classes, workshops and courses in yoga and yoga therapy for ways to self-care, gain deeper self-awareness and healing into wholeness. The Yoga United Education diploma in Yoga Therapy in 10 modules starts with a 60 hour BWY quality-assured foundation module.

This day is an introduction for those who love learning and enquiring deeply with trauma sensitivity as well as light-heartedness. Judy will be sharing some presentation material, guiding you in warming up the body with some gentle movement, embodied mindfulness and meditative practices, encouraging group discussion, Q&A, and offering a yoga nidra to complete the day.

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