CPD – Listening to the Body

What does “Listening to the body” mean? – Learn the language of body wisdom with yoga therapy trainer, Judy Hirsh Sampath

Understand the language of class instruction for yoga teachers.

Judy says that it was not until she really listened to her body that she fully understood the teacher cue ‘listen to your body – the moment she realised that on top of all the knowledge and education, the language of the body was the piece that brought everything together for her as a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist”. We will discuss how we reference the world through different lenses how listening can support wise life choices.

Judy Hirsh Sampath – who she is and what she’s about

During an intensely emotional period in her life, Judy came to a profound insight through receiving yoga therapy. When she asked herself “what would happen if I focused on what is right with me instead of trying to fix what is wrong with me?” Judy has been exploring ways into the body’s wisdom ever since.

As a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and educator, she engages health seekers, truth seekers and wisdom holders in becoming experts in themselves – to find their own answers, to make wise choices, to stress less and to feel good physically, mentally and spiritually.

Judy believes that yoga can have positive effects on how we perceive our own reality. ‘All the knowledge we need is inside ourselves and yoga practices can help us to uncover what we have forgotten we once knew, to restore our balance, our health and wellbeing.’

Founder of Yoga Headspace, and co-founder of Yoga United, Judy brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to make space for insight to arise. She has delivered yoga, meditation, embodied mindfulness and yoga therapy in health spas, offices, schools, mental health & fertility settings in group and 1-2-1 in person and online. She is consistently amazed by the magic that happens on the mat and how it transitions into life.

Judy Hirsh Sampath is a senior yoga teacher, and yoga therapist working in north London and south India since the turn of the century, a milestone for her in changing career from a stressful TV career to a life-long love of yoga and calling to connect deeply for self-care and communal care.

She trains yoga teachers and therapists, teaches at foundation to diploma level, and offers workshops and courses in yoga for sleep, menopausal hot flushes, stress and mindfulness. She is director of Yoga United Education, and faculty of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in the US.

When she’s not working, she enjoys bootcamp and chocolate, not in equal quantities but working on balancing the two with ever-increasing diffic