CPD – Teaching 1-2-1: Co-creating a yoga practice in a 1-2-1 setting

If you are teaching 1-2-1s and would like to develop more confidence or you would like to take your teaching in a therapeutic direction, this session will cover essential tools for working with individuals, tailoring practices to their needs, connecting physical with mental and emotional layers, and enabling students to actively engage in their own healing process and well being.

From understanding the potential of working 1-2-1 to finding outcomes that meet the needs of the individual, you will gain skills in uncovering the essence of the “presenting issue”, practice co-creating and collaborating with your students in a trauma-sensitive way, and gain confidence and sensitivity when working with individual bodies.

We will engage in Embodied Practice, Pranayama, Mindfulness, Meditation, Discussion, Q&A, Demonstration


Aims of the Day

Explore the difference in teaching in groups & 1-2-1s

Refine the intake process in discovering intentions for 1-2-1 attention

Learn the key elements for meeting the needs of the individual

Understand physical, mental and emotional tension and connections

Practice sequencing and co-creating an off-the-mat plan

Discuss the therapeutic & professional relationship over time

Practice 1-2-1 sessions in pairs to reinforce learning

Discuss trauma-sensitivity & touch, in person and online


Learning outcomes

Understood the potential of working 1-2-1 and the layers of being

Explored practices to create outcomes that meet the needs of the individual

Gained skills in uncovering the essence of the “presenting issues” and what’s important

Experienced co-creating and collaborating through pair work

Understood how to guide the individual towards empowerment and self-healing

Gained confidence and sensitivity in meeting what arises during a session

How to set up 1-2-1 sessions in person and online


Timetable (subject to change for online learning)


10am – Introductions

10.15am – presentation – from classroom to private space

10.45am – What are they doing here? connection between physical, mental and emotional, trauma sensitivity, touch, online

demo of  1-2-1 intake process

11.30am – break

11.45-12.20 – pair work

12.20-12.45 – share experience & Q&A

12.45-1 – short practice

1-2pm Lunch

2-2.30 – presentation – co-creating sequences, practices and takeaways

2.30-3.05 – pair work

3.05-3.25pm – sharing, Q&A

3.25-4pm – preparation, co-created deep relaxation practice

Teaching 1-2-1: Co-creating a yoga practice in a 1-2-1 setting