8 Steps to a Calm Mind – Connection in Isolation

This online 9 week course is delivered online into your own home nest – with a maximum of 10 participants per course.

Feeling Anxious & Isolated?

  • Do Fear & anxiety often stop you in your tracks?
  • Do you sometimes feel out of control, lean into panic mode, and heading towards melt down?
  • Do you use coping strategies that do not serve you?
  • Are you hearing a lot of self judgment and inner criticism?
  • Are you feeling irritated, angry, short-tempered, depressed?
  • Are you experiencing racing thoughts, feel confused & stuck

These are some of the feelings people are reporting to me about being in lockdown. As a result, your health and relationships may be suffering.

The good news is you can take action with 8 steps to a healthier approach

Inspiration & Connection

child, pose, arms, quiet, stay, relax
  • Find your way from anxious to anchored
  • Learn to turn down your inner critic
  • Acknowledge & accept what is happening
  • Give yourself permission to do it your way
  • Ride the waves of suffering & emotion

The result?  Return to centre, calm & clarity.

See more clearly, listen more deeply, feel your radiant self. Lockdown into the miracle of your body’s own capacity to repair & heal, and the gifts of life & love.

What to expect during this programme

You will

  • Move your body
  • Release mental & physical tension
  • Gather vitality & strength
  • Breathe techniques to shift mood
  • Find focus & clarity in your own wisdom
  • Pause between reacting and responding
  • Connect with others in livestream time
  • Receive audio recordings so you can continue in your own home

Please note: movement, postures, breathing exercises, meditation can be adapted and modified for your own body and fitness levels.

Dates: 9 April – 4 June 2020

Thursdays: 10.30-12.30

Fee: £180

8 x 2hr sessions + 1 x urban retreat in the comfort of your own home


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wishes to move their body with asana, pranayama breathing & meditation

Anyone who needs support to create connection in lockdown

No experience of yoga or meditation is necessary