8 Steps to Freedom

This course is delivered online into your own home nest – with a maximum of 10 participants per course.

Feeling Anxious & Isolated?

  • Do Fear & anxiety often stop you in your tracks?
  • Do you sometimes feel out of control, lean into panic mode, and heading towards melt down?
  • Do you use coping strategies that do not serve you?
  • Are you hearing a lot of self judgment and inner criticism?
  • Are you feeling irritated, angry, short-tempered, depressed?
  • Are you experiencing racing thoughts, feel confused & stuck

These are some of the feelings people are reporting to me that are getting in the way of living a joyful life. As a result, your health and relationships may be suffering.

The good news is you can take action with 8 steps to a healthier approach

Inspiration & Connection

child, pose, arms, quiet, stay, relax
  • Find your way from anxious to anchored
  • Learn to turn down your inner critic
  • Acknowledge & accept what is happening
  • Give yourself permission to do it your way
  • Ride the waves of suffering & emotion

The result?  Return to the joy of being you!

See more clearly, listen more deeply, feel your radiant self. Lockdown into the miracle of your body’s own capacity to repair & heal, and the gifts of life & love.

What to expect during this programme

You will

  • Move your body
  • Release mental & physical tension
  • Gather vitality & strength
  • Breathe techniques to shift mood
  • Find focus & clarity in your own wisdom
  • Pause between reacting and responding
  • Connect with others in livestream time
  • Receive audio recordings so you can continue in your own home

Please note: movement, postures, breathing exercises, meditation can be adapted and modified for your own body and fitness levels.

Dates: new dates tbc

8 x 2hr sessions + 1 x urban retreat in the comfort of your own home

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wishes to move their body with asana, pranayama breathing & meditation

Anyone who needs support in deeper understanding of Self.

No experience of yoga or meditation is necessary