Offerings to support a shift from anxious to anchored with Judy Hirsh Sampath

Lock down into mindfulness, the miracle of life and your own adaptability – body, mind and spirit.

Timeless Awareness – Guided Relaxation

Be in your breath & out of your mind (8 mins)

It’s easy – all you need to do is lie down and listen. Rest your body, turn down your mind, repair your cells and re-set your nervous system.

In the garden with Judy & the birds (17 mins)

I recorded this yoga nidra practice in the garden with birdsongs and my neighbour’s voice in the background on 31 March 2020 in Lockdown. You do not need to do anything but make yourself comfortable and listen to my voice.

Rest with your feet up on a chair or over your sofa

Half hour restorative practice – STOP what you’re doing and let your brain know that you’re moving away from the ordinary and into a special pause for rest, digest, repair and healing.

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