This Light in Oneself

yoga, books, krishnamurti, profound, insight, psychology, meditation, silenceHere’s one of our favourite quotes to remind me of what the spirit of yoga is all about!

I’ve been sorting through my yoga books and files in attempt to organise myself better, and then I get distracted by a lovely piece of writing…and then…something else happens…it could be smell of food, an email ping, phone ringing, a conversation, or even an idea for a blog calling me! So today, I’ve been distracted by all of the above which brought me to a beautiful piece of writing by J Krishamurti, a transcript of some talks in fact   ‘This Light in Oneself’ – i noticed a section that I’d double underlined and highlighted because it resonated with me, one of those moments when I just put down the book and needed time to hold it, and take it in…

‘throughout the world, people are psychologically similar – so you are the world psychologically and the world is you; and when you understand yourself, you are understanding the whole human structure and nature. When you understand yourself, you go beyond yourself, a different dimension comes into being.’ 

I love how this concept makes me feel that our similarity binds us together as humans; I know we’re all in it together, and that is important when there’s so much separating and dividing us in the world. What does the quote bring up for you?

Krishnamurti came to these profound truths through meditation and silence, a way to understand self, to find the light in oneself. It’s truly amazing what you can find inside yourself when you turn down the volume on your thinking mind and internal dialogue. Why not try it now? Close your eyes, follow sensations, follow your breath as a way of turning down the sound of your internal dialogue, and listen to what else is happening inside, something quieter, something subtle letting you glimpse another dimension?

Let me know what you find.

Love Judyx

Judy teaches yoga in Muswell Hill, and surrounding area of north London and has yoga therapy practices in Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Hendon.