Yoga Classes

Here are some ways that yoga and related practices can help you – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • Release stress and stress-related conditions
  • Find respite from the daily grind and celebrate the miracle of you
  • Learn ways to let go of tension and stiffness
  • Unblock the hips, back, shoulders, neck
  • Break habits which inhibit well being
  • Building up strength and increasing flexibility
  • Boost feel-good energy and remove toxins
  • Connecting to feeling good inside
  • Return to a natural balance
  • Practicing in a group setting with like-minded people
  • Empowering and confidence-building
  • Bring more ease into your life
  • Soften around hard edges
  • Know that you don’t need to hold yourself together
  • Choose new lenses through which to continue your week
  • Get what you need
  • All levels welcome, it’s not what you look like but the quality of what you do on the mat
  • Yoga postures, breathing techniques, embodied mindfulness, meditation, relaxation