Yoga Nourishment & Enrichment Days

UPDATED For yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists, carers and anyone interested in their own self development, growth and change.

Suitable for anyone who asks deep questions about life, and would like to have more self-understanding, self-awareness, and self- acceptance. It’s not only a great gift to yourself but will positively impact those around you.

with Judy Hirsh Sampath 

RETREAT FOR ME DAY in the garden/garden room (new dates tbc)

This mini yoga holiDAY will give your senses a treat to feel vitally alive. Retreat with movement, restorative yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra and more nourishing low level activities

YOGA INSIDE OUT (new dates tbc)

Turn Down the noisy mind and get to know your Self through the One Mind – health-seekers will journey through the body’s systems, explore embodied mindfulness and take home sequences and breathing exercises to re-member to tune in any time – with ourselves,  students and clients.

When we’re feeling upbeat, content and everything is going our way, it’s easy to be giving, loving and happy, generous of heart and spirit, and connected to others.

At other times, we are stuck, run down, depleted and often get lost in our own troubles and pain but it’s possible to find ways into fullness, bliss and peace in our lives RIGHT NOW. Imagine what it would be like to pass that onto others in your personal, professional life, and community.

Nourishing practices consist of yoga, movement, mindfulness, breathing, meditation, restorative and yoga nidra for deep relaxation and insight. We will sit, stand, move, play, breathe, connect, share experiences, and eat together.

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