Yoga Therapy Module 1: The Essentials


Tuning into the Body

Through body-centred experiential learning, gain new skills to empower people seeking physical, mental and emotional health.

You may choose to take this course as a standalone option to create an immediate impact on your life and the therapy services you currently provide, or as the first module to our 550 hour therapy training.

The first module of the extensive 550 hour course, ‘Module 1 The Wise Domain: Tuning into the Body’, is taught through the guidance of a highly qualified and experienced team of tutors. You will learn a sensitive and intuitive approach, you will learn skills to meet, greet and inspire others on their healing journey.


How This Course Benefits You

  • You will become more conversant with the many holistic skills and effective tools to guide others towards their full potential.
  • You will engage in practices designed to encourage a greater connection to a loving presence, and in turn, support others in doing the same.
  • You will cultivate a sustainable home practice which enables you to translate your skills in life situations, to deepen personal relationships, improve professional ones, and be unapologetically yourself.

Topics Covered

Topic 1 – Asana and embodied movement

You will be guided through movement, sequences, stasis and self-reflection to access a deeper awareness of body and mind processing.

Topic 2 – Structure and function of the respiratory & circulatory systems

You will explore different breathing techniques and their influence on the function of the respiratory system, focusing the mind, and changing mood. Explore the heart and lungs in an embodied way, and with group support.

Topic 3 – Structure and function of the nervous system

Understanding visceral responses to danger, safety, fear and joy. You will be guided through practices that recover homeostasis and wellbeing including restorative postures and Yoga Nidra.

Topic 4 – Back pain, shoulder & neck stiffness

Specific yoga sequences will address stiffness & pain throughout the spine. Preparation, physical benefits, contraindications & energetic elements will be the factors you learn to consider in choosing the best techniques for individual cases.

Topic 5 – Anxiety, anger and depression – physical, mental & emotional health

You will have a greater understanding of some common conditions – back pain, anxiety, anger, depression – to assist health seekers in communicating and understanding their own needs. Meeting and greeting special needs and difficulties are included.

Topic 6 –  Prana and energetic connection, and boundaries working 1-2-1

The tutor will guide you through subtle anatomy  and multiple perspectives through which we can understand health, disease and wholeness.

Topic 7 – Philosophy, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the mind

The ancient theories of human nature will be explored alongside suffering and that which stands in the way of discovery, recovery, and coming home.

Topic 8 – Language, deep listening, silence, sound and song

Techniques to nourish the body & mind will be discovered. You will create a space in which to investigate body-centred dialogue and the power of words. Create deep connection and empathy with self and others.

Class Dates & Times


All training days will take place at:

The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul St, London N1 7DF (nearest stations: Highbury/Islington, Angel, Essex Road

Now booking for 2019

SPRING 2020 London  – 7 & 8 Mar | 28 & 29 Mar | 18 & 19 Apr | 2 & 3 May – SOLD OUT Email to go on the waiting list

2020 SPRING MODULE – Contact Camyoga, Cambridge directly   26 – 29 Mar | 14 – 17 May

2020 AUTUMN MODULE – London – Fri 18 – Sun 20 Sept | Fri 2 – Sun 4 Oct | Sat 24 & Sun 25 Oct

  – 19 & 20 Oct | 9 & 10 Nov | 23 & 24 Nov | 7 & 8 Dec

Course Fees If you choose to pay a deposit you will be required to pay the remaining balance prior to the course start date.
Full price: £846 (£250 Deposit required)


Important: After payment, you will be required to fill in an application form (Emailed to you). Payments will be held until application is accepted. Payments will be fully refunded if the course is not suitable for the student. 

What does my fee cover?

  • Full tuition
  • Handouts for each session
  • BWY certificate with 100% attendance for BWY members only
  • 54 contact hours with the course director and guest tutors.
  • 6 hours of non-contact study and journaling.

What does my fee exclude?

  • BWY membership
  • Lunch
  • Parking / travel / accommodation
  • Extra tuition
  • 1-2-1 Yoga therapy sessions

Course Certification

Your success in completing the Yoga Therapy Module 1 course will be celebrated with a distinguished certificate of completion from BWY who have assessed and approved this course. You will also receive a certificate from us at  Yoga United Education.

Teaching Style

The tutors facilitate students through body-centred experience which creates an unforgettably direct route to learning. Tutors ensure a safe space is created in which to share knowledge, experience profound insight, and practices that support the learning process.

Tutors encourage students to cultivate a deeper understanding of sadhana, dharma, authenticity and joy.

Course Tutors

Judy Hirsh Sampath – Course Leader

Co-founder of Yoga United, Judy Hirsh Sampath brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and insightful inner wisdom. Judy is dedicated to sharing the magic of this healing modality to ensure those who study with her become empowered, confident and successful professionals in their field. She has been supporting yoga students and therapy clients in self-healing since 2002 in groups, private practice, mental health, and fertility settings. She is qualified yoga teacher (BWY dip), IYN Elder. She is a certified yoga therapist with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT600), and Certified with International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), and CNHC UK.

 Antonia Boyle

Antonia Boyle is a Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming and qualified NLP Health Specialist. She is Founder Director and Director of Training of Alpha Waves International PDS. Alpha Waves is a personal development system that aims to ‘untangle your mind’ and encourages you to become a more relaxed person in every aspect of your everyday life. Her other areas of expertise are yoga, meditation and relaxation. Antonia has trained yoga teachers for more than 20 years for the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching yoga professionally for more than 35 years.

Beverley Nolan

Beverley’s works and ongoing learning is underpinned by an unfaltering interest in the layers of the bodymind and its role as a repository for our personal and collective narratives. Through experiential anatomy, somatic psychology and the compassionate discipline of Authentic Movement, Beverley integrates a unique set of skills with her dedicated yoga practice and brings this experience to both group and 121 settings.

Jyoti Jo Manuel

Founder of the Special Yoga Foundation and a leading expert in yoga for children.. Jyoti Manuel has devoted her life to increasing awareness, knowledge and practical experience around the therapeutic effects of yoga and making yoga available to as many children as possible. She has worked extensively with children and adolescents on the autistic spectrum and with ADHD. This course is the result of her continued commitment to share the long-term holistic benefits of yoga to this population.

Mary Mackie

Mary is a yoga teacher trainer and anatomy tutor who teaches on some of the top training courses in the UK. Her nursing background in palliative care lead her to a career in yoga therapy. She is a specialist in Diabetes and Asthma, works with small groups for back pain and 1-2-1 with conditions such as Irritable bowel, arthritis, respiratory disease, cardiac diseases, high blood pressure and, of course, stress.

Useful Information

What experience do I need for this course?

This course welcomes those who loves learning & asks deep questions about what they have to offer, anyone curious about how to live life well, improve relationships, and create lasting change. You will have the opportunity to try out new ways of being within a supported and inclusive environment, and improve inter-personal skills within your field of work, and your life.

  • All yoga teachers
  • Trainee yoga teachers
  • Yoga students with at least 3 years regular practice
  • Body workers and therapists in other modalities
  • Special needs and paediatric professionals
  • Givers and carers

Can I become a Yoga Therapist after completing this course?

This foundation course is NOT a qualification in yoga therapy. It acts as Module 1 of the 550 hour Yoga United Yoga Therapy Training which is scheduled to continue with further modules in 2019/2020. Completion of this module is a pre-requisite for the 550hour course.

You will be introduced to our inspirational faculty of tutors who are dedicated to deep learning, playful exploration and empowering education.

This inspiration course is also a powerful stand-alone personal development BWY module.

Would you like us to let you know when the 550 hour therapy training is available? Please leave your details below.

For more information and application, 


Contact  Judy Hirsh Sampath |  T: 07956 375607  E: 

We will  enquire into the following questions so before you sign up, you may want to reflect on:

  • What does yoga mean to me?
  • How has yoga changed my life?
  • What is my intention for joining the course?
  • Who am I?

Judy Hirsh Sampath is a Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapy

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