Yoga Therapy Introduction Day

Yoga Therapy: Introductory workshops

Come & experience how yoga therapy is different from a yoga class – come if you’re curious to receive a session, interested in further self care courses, or professional training.

  • Sun 23 Feb 2020 Cambridge – 1 day workshop
  • Saturday 4 Apr BWY Congress, Warwick Uni – 2hr masterclasses
  • Saturday 2 May Whitespace Studio, Milton Keynes 1 day workshop
  • Saturday 6 June 2020, Old Street, London – 1 day workshop BOOK
  • Sunday 14 Jun 2020 Hampshire – 1 day workshop

About the day This experiential body/mind/spirit workshop invites teachers, therapists and carers to think and plan less, and to tune in to the body’s wise domain, and trust its innate wisdom and guidance to teach from within. This powerful yet gentle approach is the gateway to healing and creates a steady foundation for yoga therapy.

What to expect 

Judy will guide you through warm ups, asana, pranayama, sankalpa and yoga nidra. Judy will demonstrate how to incorporate embodied mindfulness into a yoga class, what it means to educate our students, empower ourselves as teachers and how to offer the same to students.

There will be time to discuss, share experiences and ask questions. 

Judy says ‘This approach changed the way I teach. My classes are fuller, the students more engaged, and I am witnessing students making independent choices about their practice and gain insights for empowerment and transformation.’

We will be moving the body with warm ups, asana, & pranayama, tuning into the body through mindfulness, silence, stillness, discussion. We will also explore the nervous system through restorative yoga and the power of receiving through Yoga Nidra.

The day is suitable for yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists and carers who would like to enquire into new ways of teaching, and deepen the elements of play, mindfulness and embodiment into their classes. The aim is to empower students & teachers alike to trust their inner wisdom and find their own unique way into wholeness, joy and healing.

Taking a day out to explore these practices is a great way to give yourself some well earned ‘me time’, to journey into the body and notice the truth that lies within, and to remind yourself of the bodies’ miraculous capacity to hold and protect, recover and heal.

We engage mindfulness within the practice specifically to notice what is held in the bodies’ internal landscape in a gentle and compassionate way, and integrate the information received to take the practice from the mat and out into life.


‘During the week that followed, I felt very positive and lots of things seemed to fall into place’

‘I feel an amazing sense of calmness – restored and ready for anything!’

 This workshop is also an approved IST (In Service Training) day for the BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) and provides 7.5 CPD points (Continued Professional Development)

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JUDY HIRSH SAMPATH, co-founder of Yoga United Education, brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage people of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and inner wisdom. As a yoga therapist, she takes yoga, meditation, embodied mindfulness and yoga therapy into health spas, offices, schools, mental health & fertility settings. She is BWY yoga teacher, relax & renew practitioner, and a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She runs BWY foundation courses, a new BWY module in Yoga Therapy, and is excited to announce a new 550 hour yoga therapy training course in the UK with Yoga United Education.