Yoga Community Circle

Join Judy Hirsh Sampath



A warm invitation to join Judy Hirsh Sampath  in the setting up of a monthly Saturday evening community circle – gentle movement for the body, mindful meditation, discussion and enquiry into various yoga-related themes, life, togetherness, hive mind & the Planets.

An opportunity to connect with your local community/sangha. Come and let us know what you’d like create in this space together.

Whether you are a beginner or a committed yogi/meditator, most people find less distraction and more focus in a group.

mindfulness, meditation, medication, present, moment, course, debunk

Mindfulness is acknowledging one’s now thoughts, sensations and feelings in the present moment. When you’re with what’s happening now, you are not going over what’s happened in the past or worrying about the future.

Meditation is…brings you into a deeper state of awareness which literally changes the brain and opens up new insights, and ways of seeing the world. Meditation is the best medication – awareness, acceptance, compassion and truth are encouraged within a group setting!

Any questions or concerns, email Judy